Version : 1.51
Last revised date : 10/09/2000

Ticker is a nifty vertical scroller that displays scrolling text within an allocated box. Features include automatic pause on mouseover and hyperlinks to relevant pages as well as support for background images. Note : This version is not compatible with earlier versions of Ticker. Modifications must be made to the parameters.

Ticker is freeware. The latest version of the applet is available at NavSurf.com.

Applet Parameters

<applet code=ticker.class width=120 height=140>
<param name=filename value="news.txt">
<param name=font value="Arial, 0, 10">
<param name=fontcolor value="000000, FF0000">
<param name=target value="_blank">
<param name=xmargin value="10">
<param name=ymargin value="10">
<param name=spacing value="10">
<param name=bgcolor value="1002CA">
<param name=rectcolor value="000000">
<param name=speed value="40">

font : font "name, style, size". Font style : Plain = 0; Bold : 1; Italic : 2; Bold + Italic : 3
fontcolor : "normal color, highlighted color" of the font
target : target frame for the hyperlink
xmargin and ymargin : coordinates which define where the inner rectangle starts
bgimage : filename of the image background
spacing : spacing between two menu items
bgcolor : background color in hexadecimal
rectcolor : color of the outer rectangle in hexadecimal
speed : scrolling speed of the text

Applet Configuration

The applet will take the information from a text file specified by the parameter "filename". The information is stored in the following format :